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The legendary Canon T-90 (Photo from

Welcome to the home of The T90 Project

What is The T90 Project?

As film photography continues to grow in popularity, following a catastrophic collapse when digital cameras first became commonplace, the supply of film cameras has become a concern.

Almost all of the cameras on the market are second hand, and at least a couple of decades old.

Purely mechanical cameras are straightforward to repair, but electronic cameras are often assumed to be beyond repair.

As a consequence, there are some truly superb ageing computer-controlled film cameras that are available for very low prices… The downside is that they often have unreliable electronics.

The Canon T-90 is a near-legendary camera, boasting many innovative features that have been used on SLRs ever since.

However, it suffers from some unusual design decisions. If the shutter speed drops out of calibration, an “EEE” error is shown on the display and the camera must be reset. In addition, there is a non-user-replaceable battery soldered to the main circuit board, with a life of only around 5yrs.

This project is an attempt to use 2020s technology to bring an excellent camera back to life, by re-engineering the circuitry and producing a new electronic “brain” to replace the mid-80s controller.

I aim to replicate every function, and possibly even add some new features along the way.

Welcome to The T90 Project!